Imagine having access to 100 of the highest quality, continually curated data sets that represent the best information available on a specific community. This type of data asset will be invaluable to community organizations that want to make smart decision quickly.It will also be a key ingredient for consultants who have subject matter experties, generally, but who view a localizes data asset as "fuel" which can drive better insights.

Commercial Data

The sort of data leaverage by the best data teams for the smartest companies.

Deep demographics advanced mobility data,credit card data, and individual-level consumer habbits and practices.

Alternative Data

CDP can give you data generated as a by product of another activity—social media

These data, properly interpreted, are vital to understanding the softer, subjective side of community sentiment.

Hyper-local Data

Reliable data at the local level can provide unique insights. These data are often overlooked. CDP uses advanced tools to aggregate and onboard this data.

Real estate assessors data, GIS information, permit data, and other administrative data are just a few examples.

Non-local Public Data

National data can be valuable but it is rarely up-to-date. CDP uses proprietary “Nowcasting” to ensure all national data is updated regularly.

US Census Bureau, American Community Survey, CDC, and state and county data are examples.

CDP regularly "top grades" its third-party data providers to ensure it is leveraging the best available data.These data sources endure a rigorous QA process which involves national breadth and depth, while maintaining localizes precision and systems reliability.