COVID-19 Vaccine Survey

Sarasota Data Platform (SDP) invites you to participate in the COVID-19 Vaccine Survey! It will help Sarasota improve vaccination efforts to better meet the needs of the community. Please take the COVID-19 Vaccine Survey today and share it with colleagues, friends and family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Leaders need to understand the attitudes and opinions of their community members. Given today’s challenges, it has never been so important to make decisions based on evidence. National surveys don’t help, because they don’t capture the sentiment of your unique city or county. You need granular, reliable data about the people living and working in your community in order to serve them.
CDP provides great surveys by leading survey methodologists and all the communication tools you need to launch a successful survey in two languages. Here’s what you’ll receive: The results delivered to you two ways: -an intuitive and beautiful dashboard -a simple tool to help you sort through the data to get answers to your most pressing questions
Your organization agrees to do the survey outreach, including:
  • Sending the survey launch email to your contacts
  • Sending out reminder emails
CDP has an easy and secure way to help you target those who need a reminder.  Share your organization’s digital mailing list with CDP and we will send you updates on who has replied to the survey and who has not replied. This will help prevent sending emails to those who have already taken the survey. CDP will delete your mailing list once the survey closes. 
NO! The list is your list and people are more likely to respond to surveys from people and organizations that they know and trust. We only connect with folks if they opt-in to a Community Survey Panel.

The need for reliable answers from your stakeholders is an ongoing effort. When people agree to take the survey, they will be invited to join a local Community Survey Panel (CSP) so they can continue to share their views with leaders on critical, local issues. By signing up, members will be invited to participate in surveys from time to time. Participation in the CSP is voluntary and members may take part in as many or as little surveys as they’d like. The CSP is owned and managed by Community Data Platforms. Learn More.

Survey participants will also have the opportunity to take commercial surveys for compensation. This program provides the resources for CDP to provide free surveys to local leaders.

CDP’s surveys are crafted by experienced survey methodologists using industry best practices, rigorous quality assessment, and advanced statistical methods to ensure the survey results genuinely reflect your community.

Noted survey features include:

  • Survey design by CDP’s global team of demographers, data scientists, survey experts, and social scientists

  • Extensive QAing by multiple reviewers during questionnaire design and programming to optimize survey for all devices and browsers

  • Statistical techniques (post-stratification adjustments or survey weighting) to ensure the sample population represents the actual population as accurately as possible
Leaders in Government, Economic Development Organizations, Philanthropies, Hospitals, Small Businesses, and other community organizations are eligible to sign up, as long as they have organizational buy-in (e.g. permission from the President/CEO).
Please complete the sign-up form. Within one week, CDP will email you your survey and all of the materials you need to launch the survey. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to