Predictive Data Analytics / Machine Learning

Predictive Data Analytics / Machine Learning

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About Community Data Platforms

Community Data Platforms believes communities get smarter and stronger by using evidence-based decision-making. CDP supports this mission by building data platforms in communities across the country to help leaders and decision-makers answer their Pressing Questions.

With a five-year goal of serving 100 communities, CDP believes it can support data-driven decision-making among governments, business, and nonprofits, leading to better outcomes among a range of critical community organizations. Communities have pressing questions and CDP’s team and approach develops actionable insights and communicates them clearly by using advanced visualizations. We believe a community data platform is an essential community service.

Working with Community Data Platforms

We’re looking for ambitious and resourceful people to join a rapidly growing start-up serving communities across the country. Benefits include:

  • A culture of intellectual humility and a passion for understanding the world around us (we don’t care who’s right – we care what’s right!)
  • Working with driven and intellectually curious people who are experts in their fields
  • A close-knit team that is devoted to a common mission
  • The opportunity to be involved at the early stages of a start-up with enormous potential
  • Being at the forefront of the big data wave and its application to community-based decision-making
  • Remote working environment – you set your own hours and complete your work on your own time – no micromanaging!

Job Description

This person will have a history of approaching problem solving with curiosity and imagination. We value people with a desire to learn new skills and a mindset that challenging questions are opportunities for insight.
We want to keep pushing the edge of what is possible in predictive analytics work by experimenting and iterating.  Creative and outside-the-box thinking is encouraged, and original ideas are welcomed and supported by the team.
Uncover hidden insights from data and use those to drive decisions and influence.

You will be part of a leading-edge and diverse team of sophisticated data and analytics professionals.  You will use your creativity and leverage a vast array of techniques and tools. You will plan, conduct, and direct the development and evaluation of real-world, large-scale problems using artificial intelligence/machine learning.  Your projects will be interesting, exciting and challenging.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Understanding business objectives and developing models that help to achieve them, along with metrics to track their progress
  • Design and develop machine learning algorithms
  • Discover, design, and develop analytical methods to support novel approaches of data and information processing
  • Finding available datasets online that could be used for training.
  • Perform explanatory data analyses
  • Generate and test working hypotheses
  • Prepare and analyze historical data and identify patterns
  • Provide technical support for program management and business development
  • Own and manage knowledge sharing within a community
  • Defining validation strategies

A bachelor’s degree is required.  Previous experience in a similar technical position can be helpful especially in the world of data.  Must work effectively on their own, as well as in a team setting with others. Position can be full or part-time.  Huge growth potential for correct candidate. Competitive salary.

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