Senior Technical Project Manager

Senior Technical Project Manager

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About Community Data Platforms

Community Data Platforms is on a mission to help leaders better understand and better serve their communities by leveraging commercial and public data sets, developing advanced data solutions, and delivering actionable insights to leaders’ most urgent questions.

Leaders of the largest organizations in the country admit they don’t understand communities well. It’s where they sell billions of dollars of products and develop policies that affect millions of people. And yet, they admit they make decisions based on anecdotes. While data are used for all sorts of business decisions, no one has ever aggregated multi-source data and developed an analytics team dedicated to providing clarity about communities – the places where millions of Americans live, work, and receive services.

CDP is developing the “community data” category and intends to “own” it. We believe communities get smarter and stronger by using evidence-based decision making. With a five-year goal of serving 100 communities, CDP believes it can support data-driven decision-making among governments, businesses, and nonprofits, leading to better outcomes across a range of critical community functions.

Working with Community Data Platforms

Community Data Platforms is working with leaders across the country to solve problems in policy areas including healthcare, housing, and transportation. We’re looking for ambitious and resourceful people to join a rapidly growing start-up serving communities across the country.

  • A culture of intellectual humility and a passion for understanding the world around us (we don’t care who’s right – we care what’s right!)
  • Working with driven and intellectually curious people who are experts in their fields
  •  A close-knit team that is devoted to a common mission
  • The opportunity to be involved at a critical stage as CDP moves from “start-up” to “scale-up” with enormous potential
  • Being at the forefront of the big data wave and its application to enterprise and community organization users
  • Remote working environment – you set your own hours and complete your work on your own time – no micromanaging!
  • Huge growth potential for correct candidate
  • Competitive salary

Job Description

We believe smarter and stronger cities emerge if they aggregate reliable data and deploy effective data tools so as to inspire astute decision making. The ideal candidate for this position will be inspired by this initiative and drive teams of data scientists and developers toward successful products.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Gather and create product requirements and specifications.
  • Plan, execute, track and manage individual projects to completion.
  • Keep projects under cost, on schedule and within scope.
  • Track issues and implement solutions in a prompt manner. Provide expertise for escalated quality problems and anticipate bottlenecks in the development cycle.
  • Promote team brainstorming to create solutions to constraints using technical expertise and experience.
  • Effectively communicate project status and suggest changes to use company resources more efficiently.
  • Regularly participate in executive meetings to present progress and share project information with other professionals in the organization.
  • Mentor junior technical project managers.

Requirements of successful candidates include:

  • Bachelor’s and/or Graduate degree in a management or scientific field
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in a project management role
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Ability to explain complex technical processes to any member of the organization
  • Superb organizational skills

Nice to Have Skills Include:

  • Official project management certification
  • Experience leading technological product development teams
  • Background in consulting
  • Training in data analysis methods and statistical modeling

Writing skills should be demonstrated in the application. To that end, a successful candidate will have a cover letter explaining how they meet the requirements and responsibilities as well as a resume that reflects the minimum qualifications.

Please apply to:

A resume with a cover letter is required to be considered.

Please include the job title and where you saw the posting in the Subject line of the email.

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