Community Survey Panel

Description & Features

Community data needs a community context. Our community survey panels are uniquely positioned to target and engage residents who would be most affected by the survey topic, giving leaders key insight into what is important to their constituents. What do your residents need you to know?

Community Return on Investment

10 Years of Benefits

Conduct targeted surveys at the community-level so that leaders can understand what key stakeholders think about a given topic.
Better understand how different views relate to each other through interconnected data points.
Build stronger community relationships by inviting community stakeholders to give their input and feedback on prospective and current policies, projects, and initiatives.
Increase and inform the impact of community engagement by having high-quality data analytics address questions, concerns, and opportunities.

Why we are different

CDP is the first to create a survey panel built within and for communities. Where most survey panels are generally built to represent larger populations, our community survey panels can be built to enhance and support every single product in our portfolio. Our team of survey, data, and social scientists join their expertise to help leaders engage, understand, and respond to the growing and changing needs of their community.

Features of the Community Survey Panel include:

Housing Survey
Engage your community about housing issues they find important.
Community Life Survey
Find out what issues, features, amenities, and causes your community cares about.
Parking and Traffic Survey
Where do your residents stand (or park) on issues regarding traffic, congestion, and parking availability? Just ask.
Mental Health Survey
Explore how to best support mental health as it relates to public health and which services residents use—or didn’t know were there.
Community Resilience Survey
Discover what issues concern residents when it comes to dependencies on industry, government funding, and external influences.
Custom Surveys
Build your own survey with custom fields to capture a wide range of experiences, lifestyles, and perspectives.


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