Universal Pre-K Planner

Description & Features

This comprehensive tool analyzes existing public school data, demographics, community surveys, and effective population studies to determine the true demand for a Universal Pre-K program. show more

Community Return on Investment

Identify and quantify the number of children eligible for a Universal Pre-K program in your community.

Effectively plan staffing requirements and recruit prior to the start of school.

Measure resource requirements for total students as well as budget for appropriate infrastructure requirements before the start of the school year.

Plan for special services, such as English language learning and free/reduced lunch, based on actual demand.

Why we are different

Unlike grade schools, who welcome returning students, Pre-K populations are often new and unknown. Previously, school enrollment figures were only gathered at the time of enrollment—after planning and budgeting have already been completed for the current school year. While school administrators can hire consultants to develop forecasts of the overall student population, these forecasts are static and do not typically address new programs like Universal Pre-K. If they do, they are based on demographic data that is not up-to-date or nuanced enough to detect intersections of demographics such as income, race/ethnicity, and more.

Basic Universal Pre-K Planner features include:

The following inputs will be updated regularly with our most current population and demographic data for your community:

Number of Students
Number of prospective students (switching from private or never been enrolled).
Planning Support
Number of classes and teachers.
Student Demographics
Student demographics (wealth, EL status, race/ethnicity).
Associated and total direct costs.


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