An Open Call For New
Community Data Platforms

Helping Communities Become Smarter And Stronger

Community Data Platforms 2020 Grants

Community Data Platforms, with support from Schmidt Futures, has grant funding to provide a limited number of diverse community institutions with data analytics and visualization tools to help address three of the most critical policy areas in the United States.

Equity & Inclusion Grants

How can community leaders make a positive change for those most impacted by COVID? CDP’s tools can track progress on programs and policies to advance social equity. CDP can help you describe 100% of your population reliably to spotlight racial disparities and find opportunities for action.

Equitable Vaccine Distribution Grants

When a COVID-19 vaccine is approved, will your community be ready? Grants to help you plan for – and – deliver the vaccine are available now. Can you identify your critical populations and infrastructure? Do you have the tools to report publicly so that the public has confidence in your efforts? CDP is ready to help you make equitable vaccine distribution a success.

Economic Development Grants

Smart leaders know there’s a new normal coming post-COVID. Old plans can’t be used for new realities. CDP offers cutting edge, granular data on your workforce and your enterprises. Is your community making progress towards economic recovery and resilience? How should you reopen and rebuild? CDP can help.

Grants will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Apply now while funding is still available

Schmidt Futures With support from

Community Data Platforms is helping communities get answers.

We believe our communities get stronger and smarter when decisions are based on accurate and timely data—which is why we’re wasting no time in partnering with communities in 2020.

Will yours be one of them?

Providing Insights so Communities Can Take Action

Community Data Platforms 2020 Grants

Community Data Platforms, with support from Schmidt Futures, will provide up to five diverse community institutions in the U.S. with the opportunity to develop evidence-based answers to their most “pressing questions” while also initiating the creation of a community data platform.

Grant funding is available to community “anchor institutions” – governments, hospitals, economic development agencies, philanthropies, and regional planning organizations, among others and requires 2:1 matching funds. Community Data Platforms will boost your analytics budget by 50% with matching grants of $40,000-$80,000. A minimum investment of $80,000 is required to be eligible for matching grant funding from Schmidt Futures.

Better insights. Better
decisions. Better outcomes.

Stronger, smarter communities are powered by
leaders making evidence-based decisions.


A hyper-local data platform becomes an essential community resource

ReMain Nantucket, an entity supported by Wendy and Eric Schmidt (former CEO and Chairman of Google) supported the creation of the Nantucket Data Platform (NDP). This community resource identifies “pressing questions,” develops data methodologies, aggregates data, uncovers actionable insights, and presents results through advanced data visualizations so everyone in the community can engage with reliable analytics.

There isn’t a major policy issue Nantucket is facing that NDP is not working on – traffic, economic development, costs of living, tourism, education, healthcare, affordable housing, and infrastructure planning.

Nantucket may be unique, but its community challenges are not. These methodologies are scalable to a broad range of communities—and we are using this Open Call to start conversations with community leaders and help them find the critical answers they need, whenever they need them.

Community leaders don’t need a background in data science. They need a team of data scientists in the background.

To Get Started

We welcome applications from governmental entities, economic development organizations, regional planning agencies, and philanthropies in the United States. Both public and private entities are eligible to receive grants.

Grants are awarded on a rolling basis. Grant applicants must have a budget or other funding source for data analytics to be considered.

Our Straightforward Selection Process

We’ve done everything we can to make this process simple and straightforward for today’s busy leaders.

  1. Complete the 10-minute application form

  2. You will be invited to have a 30-minute conversation with the grant team upon being selected

  3. Community Data Platforms will develop a scope of work for your team to review

  4. Grants are awarded after both parties agree on the scope of the project

  5. Work begins immediately upon execution of contracts