Vaccinating 330 million people effectively and equitably is one of the most complex problems faced by leaders. It’s a problem made for data science. But no reliable and intuitive data analytics tool is available to community leaders.


A data-driven “Vaccination Toolkit” for every community in the country. Fueled by granular, consumer-level data, advanced analytics, and a diverse and passionate data science team, CDP’s Vaccination Toolkit supports effective & equitable vaccination programs.

Mask Group


Know Everyone

Communities need to reliably know who comprises their communities, with a granular understanding rarely available. CDP leverages public and commercial data sources so that leaders can understand their populations – especially the vulnerable.

Where and When

CDP’s mobility data helps leaders understand common movement patterns so vaccine locations can intersect with critical groups at their most frequented locations and at the optimal times. Think: “Optimal site selection and operating hours for vaccination locations.”

Community Sentiment

Encouraging everyone to become vaccinated is a massive communications effort. CDP’s qualitative and quantitative data show leaders how sentiment is shifting so they can tailor messages to populations where the need is high, and trust is low.


CDP’s reporting and benchmarking tools are critical to understanding who is getting vaccinated and which jurisdictions are vaccinating most successfully, leading to a “best practices” resource.

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